Cropper the Carrot has been created by the highly acclaimed author Phil McCann.

Phil has written for virtually every gardening publication in the UK and is the author of many gardening books. He has worked in every kind of gardening media and has appeared as a gardening presenter on screen and on radio.  

 As a father of two, he is aware of the need for quality books for the under six year olds.

Cropper the Carrot is just that kind of book.

 Superbly illustrated, the first book in the series tells the story of Cropper as he prepares for the big show. Clearly written, it is ideal for first time readers and indeed anyone who loves a good story.

 When Phil isn't writing, he gardens with his family at their home in the East Midlands. Indeed, his family, gardening and writing are his life.

And that isn't a bad mix!